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What qualifications do I need to apply to GORS?

To be eligible to apply to GORS, you should have or be expecting at least a 2:1 in a numerate degree (the rule of thumb is that at least 50% of the studied modules must have mathematical content).

Applicants with a 2:2 degree may be accepted but they must show wider skills and experience relevant to government OR.  For instance, a Masters qualification in OR would be considered sufficient evidence of the wider skills and experience that we are looking for. 

Are there nationality requirements for working for GORS?

In order to work for GORS, you must be a citizen of Britain, the EU or the Commonwealth.  Further details on the nationality requirements can be found on our requirements page.

Do you offer summer internships, student placements, MSc project placements or work experience?
What is the difference between GORS Mainstream and Fast Stream?

There are higher expectations for those on the Fast Stream to progress quickly to management and senior positions. To aid this, the Fast Stream cohorts are entitled to bespoke development opportunities and are expected to move roles more frequently than Mainstream entrants. In contrast Mainstream entrants will be able to spend longer developing deeper knowledge in one area.

Can I apply for both GORS Mainstream and Fast Stream?

Yes, you are welcome to. The assessment processes are different.

When will the next application windows be?

GORS recruitment is subject to demand from government departments for new OR analysts. Usually we would expect one Fast Stream recruitment round per year (applications in the autumn) and two Mainstream recruitment rounds (applications in the autumn and spring/summer).

When is the start date for the current recruitment round?

There is no fixed start date for each recruitment round.  If you are offered a job within GORS, the date you start your position will need to be worked out between you and your department.  The gap between passing the assessment day and starting your new job can be as short as a month.

Can I choose the department I work in?

No, you will be allocated to a department based on current vacancies and your location preferences. During your career you will be expected to move roles (even departments) in order to develop a breadth and depth of experience in analytical projects.

Will I need to move to London?

No. Many Civil Servants, including some in senior positions, work outside the South East. Currently about 40% of GORS members are based outside of Greater London.

If I pass the GORS assessment, can I defer my start date?

This is possible but the deferment should be made immediately after passing the assessment day. You will be expected to take up a specific post within a year of passing the assessment day.

What other Government analytical professions are there?

Information about the other analytical professions can be found on the Civil Service Analytical Function webpage.

What do I do if I have further questions?