GORS is fully committed to ensuring its website is accessible to all users. This page details what measures have been taken to ensure the site is as accessible as possible.


The design and build of this site has taken into account the following guidelines:

These guidelines include:

  • An easy to read font-face
  • Controllable text size
  • Colour alone is not used to convey meaning
  • Providing meaningful text alternatives to images
  • Consistent site navigation
  • Tooltips for acronyms
  • Providing navigational shortcuts for text-only browsers and screen readers
  • Assigned access keys for site navigation without using a mouse
  • A full site map

Access keys

The main navigation options have been assigned keyboard access keys for users who do not use pointing devices (such as a mouse).  The access keys we have used are based on government recommendations and allow the site to be navigated without using a mouse.

Table: Access keys for the GORS website
PageAccess key
Jump to main contentS
Members' homepage0
Recruitment homepage1
Jump to navigation links2
Contact GORS9
Printer-friendly viewP

To use an access key in Firefox (version < 2.0), press the 'Alt' key plus the access key listed above - for Firefox (version > 2.0), use the 'Alt' and 'Shift' keys together. In Internet Explorer, press the 'Alt' key plus the access key, and then press return.  If you use a different browser, please refer to its help documentation.


If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements to the site, please get in touch.