Hints and tips

We use behaviour based applications. These are sometimes also referred to as competency based. There’s lots of detail on the internet about this system.

Make sure you tell us what you did. Whilst it is good to acknowledge the effort of your peers or team mates, we need to know what input that you had into your example.

Try to use all of the word count to ensure we have as much information about you as possible.

If you have trouble structuring your answer, try using the STAR technique:

  • Situation - what was the situation and when did it take place? (usually aim for 25 words)
  • Task - what task was it, and what was the objective? (usually aim for 25 words)
  • Action - what action did YOU take to achieve this? (usually aim for 150 words)
  • Results - what happened as a result of your action? (usually aim for 50 words)

Make sure you read what we’re assessing against and show us how you meet the criteria.

Keep the language simple, and don’t assume we are technical experts in your areas of expertise. Whereas it is good to try and use alternative words to not sound repetitive, there’s no need to go overboard with the thesaurus.