What skills do I need to demonstrate?

  • An ability to analyse issues of concern incisively, and to develop effective and systematic methods to resolve them persuasively, is more important than familiarity with mathematical techniques. At all levels, OR analysts are expected to make effective use of computing technology and software.
  • Staff at more senior levels need to have knowledge and experience of a range of OR and statistical methods.

GORS behaviours

Listed below are the behaviours required of GORS employees and are used to assess employees throughout their career progression.

  • Knowledge and application of OR skills and techniques
  • Achieving impact with analysis
  • Sustaining and developing operational research professionals and professionalism

Civil service behaviours

The following behaviours are the competencies required of all Civil Servants and are used to assess employees throughout their career progression.

Seeing the big picture
Understand how your role fits with and supports organisational objectives. Recognise the wider Civil Service priorities and ensure work is in the national interest.
Changing and improving
Seek out opportunities to create effective change and suggest innovative ideas for improvements. Review ways of working, including seeking and providing feedback.
Making effective decisions
Use evidence and knowledge to support accurate, expert decisions and advice. Carefully consider alternative options, implications and risks of decisions.
Show pride and passion for public service. Create and engage others in delivering a shared vision. Value difference, diversity and inclusion, ensuring fairness and opportunity for all.
Communicating and influencing
Communicate purpose and direction with clarity, integrity and enthusiasm. Respect the needs, responses and opinions of others.
Working together
Form effective partnerships and relationships with people both internally and externally, from a range of diverse backgrounds, sharing information, resources and support.
Developing self and others
Focus on continuous learning and development for self, others and the organisation as a whole.
Managing a quality service
Deliver service objectives with professional excellence, expertise and efficiency, taking account of diverse customer needs.
Delivery at pace
Take responsibility for delivering timely and quality results with focus and drive.