If you didn’t believe what we had to say, check out what some of our previous students have said about their placements with us!

My year placement has taught me many things, from analytical skills that I can apply in my final year of university, to helping me develop and grow as a person. Through a GORS placement, I have gained a stronger understanding of the civil service and it’s been a privilege to have been able to work on projects that have had a positive impact on society, particularly during the coronavirus period. There have been plenty of development opportunities for technical skills; I have been able to improve my coding skills in SAS and VBA through different training courses that have helped me do sophisticated analysis over the course of the year.

DWP placement student, 2019/2020

I had the amazing opportunity to work on my own independent project studying voter turnout at UK elections. I had the opportunity to write my own literature review, learning extensively about the electoral system and what it’s like to study the functions of government from within the civil service. I also had the opportunity to do some analysis of my own, learning and becoming proficient in R and creating a model based on data that I found myself. I was able to learn about and implement a wide range of statistical techniques and conclude some interesting results which I presented to my whole team, giving me valuable presentation experience. Furthermore, the GORS community within the department were extremely helpful and supportive and gave a really strong sense of community with everybody sharing useful findings and techniques.

DLUHC summer placement student, 2022

Being a GORS placement student has opened so many doors and allowed me to gain real-world experience whilst learning and using skills from my degree. I’ve had opportunities to receive training for software such as R from the Royal Statistical Society and have had the full support from members of my team whenever I felt stuck or needed any help. Working in the Civil Service is an added bonus too – I’ve had to opportunity to work on high-profile projects and contribute to improving lives across the country. As well as learning new technical skills, my placement has helped me improve my communication, time management and made me more confident in my abilities.

MoJ placement student, 2019/2020

Throughout the year, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects which has taught me a lot about different taxes, customs procedures and the data held in HMRC. These projects tended to feed into huge, department wide operations meaning the analysis I completed made an impact on society. I’ve also had the chance to present my work to senior personnel within the business which has helped them to make wider departmental decisions. Furthermore, having the opportunity to lead on projects has meant I’ve improved my project management, leadership and time management skills.

HMRC placement student, 2019/2020