Every year GORS offers the chance for undergraduate students to work at the heart of Government by doing a summer (10-12 weeks) or a year long analytical placement in one of several high profile Government Departments. This is an exciting opportunity to gain professional and technical skills whilst working on some of the most interesting and pertinent problems currently facing the country.

Who are the Government Operational Research Service?

We're the analytical minds behind many of the Government's policies - policies which, when brought into being, touch the lives of everyone in the UK; yours included. Through the use of various scientific and mathematical Operational Research techniques, we add empirical weight to a new or revised policy. Our work, in effect, helps bring it to life.

We look objectively at the complex problems departments face and apply an array of analytical and modelling techniques to help them find better solutions. Better solutions, of course, mean better policies. And once these are formulated, we use advanced modelling techniques to gauge their potential impact before they're delivered. In this way, we can help ensure that public money is spent wisely, on policies that our analysis predicts will be effective.

Where can you work?

This year there are opportunities in a number of Government Departments and locations to spend the full placement year. You will either be placed in Cabinet Office, Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue & Customs, Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Scottish Government or Valuation Office Agency in the following locations: Croydon, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. If choosing Edinburgh or Glasgow please also make at least one second location preference as there is only one placement available in these locations.

GORS are also carrying on their successful summer recruitment, for students starting in Summer 2019. A number of Government Departments are recruiting for a 10-12 week summer placement. You could be placed in the Department for Education, Committee of Climate Change, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Department for Work and Pensions or the Department of Health and Social Care in the following locations: Coventry, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. If choosing Coventry or Manchester please also make at least one second location preference as there is only one placement available in these locations.

What are the benefits?

The salary starts at around £16,641 pro-rata depending on location and department for both summer and year long placements (£16,641-£19,402 (National), £20,409-£25,510 (London) pro rata). You’ll also receive a minimum of 22 days' annual holiday (pro rata) in addition to public and privilege days. Many departments also offer flexible working hours, access to internal and external training, interview practise sessions, and the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars.

What could you be doing?

Our analytical teams cover a broad range of remits from dealing with resource allocation, workforce planning, forecasting, performance measurement, and strategic planning. Previous student projects have included:

  • Informing impact assessments to provide balanced and objective views of the costs and benefits of policies;
  • Designing a pilot study to test the impact of a new policy to increase the likelihood of unemployed people entering work;
  • Analysing the impact of customer behaviour to identify different types of customers we interact with.