Meet our people

Follow the links below to read profiles of a variety of GORS members:

Photograph of Emily McGovern

Emily McGovern

Department: Department for Education
Location: London
Photograph of Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston

Department: Department for Media, Culture and Sport
Location: London
Photograph of Bevan Freake

Bevan Freake

Department: Department of Energy & Climate Change
Location: London
Photograph of Jack Snape

Jack Snape

Grade: GFSA
Department: Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
Location: London
Photograph of Jon Shingleton

Jon Shingleton

Grade: Grade 7
Department: NHS England
Location: Leeds
Photograph of Katie Gibbs

Katie Gronow

Grade: Grade 7 / Operational Research Project Manager
Department: Department for Transport
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
Photograph of Graham Oliver-Beech

Graham Oliver-Beech

Grade: Grade 7
Department: Department for Work and Pensions
Location: Sheffield
Photograph of Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer

Grade: G7
Department: Department for Transport
Location: London