Peter Johnston

Department:Department for Media, Culture and Sport

I’m really enjoying working for the Government as an Operational Researcher. It’s a great opportunity to apply analytical skills to solving problems that really matter. So far I’ve worked in two Government Departments; the Department of Health and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. I’ve really valued the ability to work in different settings and contribute to different types of work.

Operational Research is actually my second career. After graduating with an Engineering Degree I worked as Consultant Engineer in waste infrastructure for six years, then as a Bid Manager on a large waste infrastructure contract. Whilst that may seem a million miles from Operational Research, there is a common thread – being able to understand and then quantify what really matters in a given situation, and then being able to communicate it effectively. I would encourage anybody from a numerical background to think about a career in Operational Research. You’d be surprised how relevant your experience might be, and where it might take you.