The Government Operational Research Service (GORS) currently supports policy-making, strategy and operations in many different departments and agencies and employs over 1000 analysts, ranging from sandwich students to members of the Senior Civil Service.

Help us bring the Government's policies to life

A View From The Inside: Operational Research Fast Stream

We're the analytical minds behind many of the Government's policies - policies which, when brought into being, touch the lives of everyone in the UK. Yours included. Through the use of various scientific and mathematical techniques, we add empirical weight to a new or revised policy. Our work, in effect, helps bring it to life.

Join us, and you'll be part of a small and select team who are able to influence the decisions of policy makers at more than 25 government departments and agencies. From justice to health to education and beyond, we look objectively at the complex problems they face and apply an array of analytical and modelling techniques to help them find better solutions.

Better solutions, of course, mean better policies. And once these are formulated, we use advanced modelling techniques to gauge their potential impact before they're delivered. In this way, we can help ensure that public money is spent wisely, on policies that our analysis predicts will be effective.

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