HM Revenue & Customs


100 Parliament Street - one of several HMRC offices in London.

Operate at the heart of government

There are few more influential government departments than HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Join us here and, make no mistake, you will be operating at the very heart of government.

HMRC’s work impacts every single person and business in Britain. But we do more than collect billions of pounds in tax and National Insurance contributions: we also help alleviate child poverty through the tax credits system and tackle climate change through environmental and transport taxes.

In short, we play a vital role in the financial well being of our society. While our Analysts’ work is varied, much of it is concerned with modelling more efficient and effective systems that improve the customer experience, as well as creating a working environment that gets the very best out of our people.

Our Analysts use an array of techniques – everything from spreadsheet modelling and statistical analysis to systems dynamics and data mining – but they use them only as and when they are needed, as part of a flexible approach to getting the problem solved. At HMRC, you can expect the freedom to innovate at every opportunity.