Ministry of Justice


Statue of Lady Justice, The Old Bailey

We are one of the largest government departments, employing around 76,000 people (including those in the Probation Service), with a budget of approximately £9 billion. Each year, millions of people use our services across the UK - including at 500 courts and tribunals, and 133 prisons in England and Wales.

Our team of 60 OR Analysts – many of whom work in the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) – take on a diverse range of projects to improve strategy, finance and the overall decision making process. They model legal aid expenditure, publish projections of the prison population, develop simulation models of the courts and produce scorecards on how well we are doing. And much, much more…

With the freedom to use any techniques which you think may reveal the answer – even those you’ve devised yourself – you’ll also be encouraged to work with colleagues in areas such as economic analysis, statistics and social research.

Join our team of Analysts at MoJ, and you’ll find that solving the problem at hand is everything