History of GORS

The early days of Government OR is not well documented. It’s locked up in the memories and minds of the early pioneers. To rectify this, last summer we commissioned a project to document this history and the attached PDF records how far we got. If you have any interest in the early days of OR analysis in Government you’ll enjoy the read.

I'm very grateful to Mick Hudson and Viv Raven for their help in pulling this together.

Download the history of GORS document (PDF, 927Kb)

However, it's clearly not finished, we haven’t been able to contact everyone so there are many more stories to tell.

We’d very much welcome your comments, any recollections, corrections, corroborations, anecdotes or stories. Also any pictures of the early days of OR that you are happy to share would be most welcome.

If you have anything to offer to enhance this work, please complete the below template and email to history.of.gors@gmail.com.

Download the template (docx, 14Kb)

Tony O’Connor CBE FORS
Ministry of Defence
Chair of GORS
October 2018

OR Society conference

See below for talk about the history of GORS given by Tony at the 2018 OR60 Anniversary Conference.