Department of Energy and Climate Change

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is a small department, with a big mission: "Power the country and protect the planet".

Join DECC and you’ll play an active part in helping to solve some of the biggest challenges going. Our work affects people throughout our country and beyond, ranging from designing, supporting and implementing policies such as putting a smart electricity meter in every home, to playing a prominent role at international negotiations to limit global warming. We are a diverse department of around 1,600 people (including many scientists, engineers and analysts) with an annual budget of approximately £4bn.

There are 25 DECC operational researchers in London playing a central role helping to steer strategy, support decision making and improve operations. They model electricity generation, develop projections of greenhouse gas emissions, estimate future prices of carbon credits traded in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, develop simulation models of household energy use and uptake of efficiency measures, and much more.

The OR tool kit is well-used with many different analytical techniques being actively employed including micro-simulation, Monte-Carlo analysis, and optimisation as well as softer techniques to deconstruct complex policy areas and aid decision making.