OR competencies

Note: To join GORS you must possess a numerate degree defined as one where 50 % or more of the modules were highly mathematical, or equivalent experience.

An ability to analyse issues of concern incisively, and to develop effective and systematic methods to resolve them persuasively, is more important than familiarity with mathematical techniques.  Staff at more senior levels need to have knowledge and experience of a range of OR and statistical methods. At all levels, OR Analysts are expected to make effective use of computing technology and software.

Listed below are competencies for working in GORS Mainstream analysis (FastStream competencies are similar, but these are listed separately on the FastStream website).

Knowledge and application of OR skills and techniques

  • Advanced spreadsheet analysis
  • Analytics
  • Data analysis
  • Mathematical programming
  • Performance management
  • Programming
  • Regression
  • Scientific analysis
  • Simulation
  • Statistics
  • Systems thinking
  • Visual basic

Achieving impact with analysis

  • Understand the context of your work
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of analysis
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Explain analytical evidence

Sustaining and developing operational research

  • Achieve qualification in highly numerate subject
  • Quality assures yours and others' work
  • Suggest opportunities where OR can help
  • Identify and escalate risks to analytical success

Working with others

  • Develop contacts to get the job done
  • Change the way you work
  • Share knowledge and learning
  • Encourage equality, diversity and inclusion

Delivering high quality work

  • Identify risks and take action to reduce their impact
  • Work with your team to set goals and timescales
  • Seek out feedback and respond positively
  • Work with others to improve the way you work

Seeing the big picture

  • Focus on the overall goal, not just your task
  • Make sure your work aligns with wider objectives
  • Take an active role in expanding your knowledge
  • Seek out and share experience to develop your work


All departments offer a variety of training opportunities.  As a new recruit, you'll follow an individually tailored training plan.  This may include an induction course, training in the department's computer systems, on-the-job training, technical courses in the skills needed for specific projects, and courses designed to foster management and personal skills.

You will be encouraged to develop your professional expertise by giving talks at conferences and preparing papers for publication.  We may sponsor you to take a part-time MSc in Operational Research.